Key Challenges of

The Need for a Strong
& Talented Team

How to empower employees to strive for excellence?

Lack of Alignment
Within the Company

How to align goals horizontally and vertically within the company?

of Focus

How to focus on what matters and reduce the gap between strategy & execution?

VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty,
Complexity & Ambiguity)

How to be agile & survive in a VUCA environment?

About OKRs

What is OKR?

OKRs close the gap between strategies
and daily execution.

OKR is originated in Intel in the 1970s. It became popular because it helped Google achieve more than 10 X growth when Google only had 40 employees at that time. Until today, Google and Intel still use OKRs to achieve company goals faster and effectively.

Our Services

CEO Coaching

1 to 1 VIP Coaching to CEO about how to align your organization with OKRs.

Full OKRs Implementation

OKRs implementation service to help your organization improve focus, alignment, and employee engagement.

Our Founder,
Catherine Chen

Catherine’s experience is in the field of overseas Mergers & Acquisitions, change management, strategy planning & execution, and Talent Development & Management. Her experience includes leading the Talent Development & Management program for a Fortune Global 500 company. Her achievement in Talent Development was rewarded by the Excellence of Education Awards of Life Office Management Association, the United States.

Areas of Expertise

  • Integrating OKRs with performance management
  • Distinguishing between OKRs and KPIs
  • Coaching OKRs in Asia

We provide one-stop
OKRs solutions to
help you get faster
and more effective
business results.


We believe successful OKRs journey needs an approach that embraces “crawl-walk-run.” To get your organization focused, aligned, and engaged in what matters most and create a culture that values risk-taking, we recommend our proven  3-phase framework.

When you choose us as your OKRs Coach, you’ll benefit from Catherine’s hands-on OKRs experience, strategy execution, and change management, in facilitation and implementation of OKRs in your company. Our Value Proposition is our experience, and we’ll work with you to design a tailored engagement uniquely suited to your needs.

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