How to Implement OKR?

To many top-performing companies, OKR is like a miracle tool in goal management: some companies use OKR to achieve 10 times growth; some companies use OKR to transform from traditional business to digital business; some companies use OKR to enhance employees’ intrinsic motivation.


没有人喜欢被别人指责。当下属接受一对一辅导时,他们期望获得资源帮助,并在上司的辅导下去完成一些令人惊艳的结果,从而感受到自身的成长。成长等于快乐。这就是为什么 OKR 可以用作沟通策略,并持续增强上司和下属之间的理解和信任的原因。





How OKR motivate talents intrinsically to contribute to your company goals?

OKRs requires you to invest in your talents growth, purpose&value, and engagement. Having the correct method to implement OKRs in your company will indeed go a long way in helping you build a sustainable and robust talent team.

OKRs Reflect & Reset meetings that transform experience into competency

We saw the light in their eyes. The team members shared with us that during the 1st cycle of OKRs, they got a big success in the overseas market, so they copied the same strategy into China market. It created another big win.

3 Tips To Combat Employees Burnout in Remote Meeting

Having a results-driven meeting structure ensures that all your employees are actively involved in the journey to achieve your team’s goal.





Too hard to motivate employees? Use these four steps to help your employees drive themselves!

Having one self-driven employee may depend on the manager’s luck. Having a sustainable self-driven talent pool depends on the system.

How Malaysian workplaces need to manage the impact of “coronastress”

More than 60 per cent of respondents said they were losing at least one to two hours a day in productivity due to “coronastress”

My OKRs Story

I think the primary reasons are: I understood my work’s significance, and I had a clear picture of how I shall achieve my objectives. That was my initial experience with the OKR mindset and principle.



Three Tips For OKR Coach

There are three tips I want to share with you if you are also coaching your clients for the OKR setting.

How To Be An Effective Remote Team Leader

The enhanced flexibility of work that we attained by transitioning ourselves to remote work should not be reversed.

How to implement OKR?

How to implement OKR? Four Practical Tips for a Successful Implementation of OKR

What is OKR?

What is OKR? The goal management tool that is popular in Silicon Valley