What is OKR?

OKRs close the gap between strategies
and daily execution.

OKR is originated in Intel in the 1970s. It became popular because it helped Google achieve more than 10 X growth when Google only had 40 employees at that time. Until today, Google and Intel still use OKRs to achieve company goals faster and effectively.

OKRs close the gap between strategies and daily execution. It helps employees to make a measurable contribution to achieving the company mission & vision.


Why OKRs?

As leaders of your organization,
did you face the below dilemma or challenges:

You know your team is very busy, but you could not see the expected results they provide to your business.

Are your people protecting their interests rather than working towards your team / organizational goal?

Your employees lack the motivation to work, and it is hard to engage them.​

You want to have a business breakthrough or innovation but don’t know where to start.

If the above challenges sound familiar to you,
OKRs can help you to overcome them.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) help organizations stay aligned by connecting company, team, and personal objectives to measurable results.

OKRs is a critical thinking framework and ongoing discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together, focusing their efforts to make measurable contributions that drive the company forward.


A statement of a broad goal, usually qualitative in nature.

Key Results

A statement that measures achievement of a given objective.

Why us?

Easy to understand approach

We believe a successful OKRs journey needs an approach that embraces “crawl-walk-run.” To get your organization focused, aligned, and engaged in what matters most and create a culture that values risk-taking, we recommend our proven, easy-to-understand 3-phase framework.

Our Founder,
Catherine Chen

Catherine’s experience is in the field of overseas Mergers & Acquisitions, change management, strategy planning & execution, and Talent Development & Management. Her experience includes leading the Talent Development & Management program for a Fortune Global 500 company. Her achievement in Talent Development was rewarded by the Excellence of Education Awards of Life Office Management Association, the United States.

Many of Catherine’s clients had the busy-but-not-productive problem.

People worked hard on work output but did not focus on work outcomes; they were not able to connect their work to the bigger picture of the organization. With this in mind, she explored how to enhance the alignment and execution within companies and discovered OKRs in 2017. Later her mentor Ben Lamorte, the co-author of Objectives and Key Results: Driving Focus, Alignment, and Engagement with OKRs, coached her for OKRs implementation in companies in Asia.

Catherine is the founding member of OKRs Coach Network, and she focuses on OKRs coaching to improve execution.

As a Chinese native, Catherine is fluent in Mandarin. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Master’s degree in Multilingual Information Management.

Areas of Expertise

Integrating OKRs with performance management

Distinguishing between OKRs and KPIs

Coaching OKRs in Asia