Chapter-1 (Objectives and Key Results Driving Focus Alignment and Engagement with OKRs)
10 Strategy Deployment Tools
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OKRs Client Interview with Ben and Paul

A Fortune 500 company interviewed my mentor Ben Lamorte and another OKRs expert Paul right after the release of their OKRs book. This is an example of a video that a large company created to use as a 5-minute intro to OKRs. If you are brand new to OKRs, this video’s for you. If you’re the OKRs project lead at your organization, this video may serve as inspiration for a 5-minute intro to OKRs.

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

While Simon is not specifically discussing OKRs, his presentation provides an excellent biological explanation for why OKRs are so effective. Reinforces some of the same concepts from the Progress Principle, but much more engaging!