Catherine is a passionate coach with an impressive skill of guidance and patience to help out, business owners like me with OKR model. She helped me to clarify the direction and pinpointed the action plans needed for my company. Highly recommended for other business owners to try out her OKR coaching to identify the focus of your company.


Catherine is an OKRs expert. She helped my company set 2021 OKRs. I feel OKRs is a simple management tool but very effective. I like her coaching because she is passionate and professional. I also invited her to share OKRs with my audience in my facebook live. I received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback about her sharing from my audience as well.

Penny Wong, CEO of King Kong Diamond Academy

We would like to thank Ms. Catherine Chen. After attending the coaching session on objectives & key results (“OKR”) carried out by her, we were impressed by her professionalism and knowledge in OKR. As OKR coaching is not common in Malaysia, we were happy to discover how helpful her coaching session was. She is very knowledgeable and was able to provide us with guidance and patiently discussed with us to understand our problems better. As we were discussing on methods to improve our firm, Ms. Catherine provided us with practical and viable suggestions and advices for the issues experienced by us and how to empower our employees.

Wendy Lim, CEO of Wei Ling Chambers

After attending her coaching on OKR, giving our team a better idea how ByteDance and Google used this system to create results that are so outstanding. We will incorporate the same system into our organization, and team management, having more transparent goal and objectives, minimizing miscommunications, and spreading the why we do what we do more effectively. Catherine has experience with both MNC and SMEs, fluent in both English and Chinese and is one of the most patient coach I’ve met, I’m sure with the execution of this system, we will expect good output coming few years.

Andrew Toh,CEO of Dreven Capital Sdn Bhd

I had an opportunity to attend the OKR coaching facilitated by Catherine recently. It was one the best organization goals and objectives setting session I have attended. Catherine is very knowledgeable in guiding us what are the key elements in setting up company’s Objectives and Key Results areas. She let us have a clear understanding of the differences between value-driven and task-driven performance through a critical thinking approach framework. She also helped us to focus on the execution part with measurable action plans at the end of the session which I find is most useful take home values. I strongly recommend business leaders to engage with Catherine to help your organization achieving greater results by leading your team through OKR.

Joshua Chan, CEO of Aglotel Wireless Solutions Sdn Bhd

If you ever had a question about OKR… the one person I’d recommend you turn to would be Catherine Chen. Not only does she have all the facts and statistics to elevate , but most importantly, her passion towards helping you apply OKR to your business and growth is what would make you buy in 100%.

Kevin Lee, CEO of Money Save (M) Sdn Bhd

Catherine is an expert in OKRs. I am lucky to have the opportunity to attend her coaching. She shared with us how to achieve company goals faster and more effectively by using the methodology of OKRs. In few hours, we brainstormed and had discussion about our key results. We have clarity about what it look like when we achieve our objective.

Kai Een, CEO of Lively Techpro Sdn Bhd

We used SMART goal approach to set our goals in the past. But after Catherine’s OKRs coaching, I realize when we link our goals with our mission, it is much easier to engage our team to work towards our company objective. After we work out our key results, we understand how we know we have achieved our objectives or not. If you want to do OKRs in the correct way, I will recommend you to talk to Catherine.

Vivian Chiew,Business Development Director of RF3 World Sdn Bhd